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Queen Size Pillow Case Silk

The queen size silky satin pillow case is perfect for holding your pillow so that your bed becomes a place where sleep comes easily. It is also comfortable to wear because it is made with soft and luxurious materials. This pillow case has two pockets on the front that are perfect for your left and right hands, as well as a roomy enough fit for holding a lot of pillow. It is also made to be easy to clean, with a removable side pocket that will leave your bed looking perfect.

Buy Queen Size Pillow Case Silk

This queen size silk pillow case is a great way to keep your pillow case safe and clean. This case is made of silky satin and has a softness and feel to it. It is perfect for a busy person or anyone who needs a comfortable space in their bedroom.
this is a quality, soft silk pillow case with a comfortable cover. The case is perfect for holding your pillow creatively. This case is perfect for a standard queen size bed. The soft, silk fabric is perfect for your bed. The case also features a cover for the pillow. A bed where you want your pillow to be, or a bed with a lot of bedding. The case is also large enough to fit a standard queen size pillow.
this is a solid color pillowcase made of silk. It is perfect for holding your pillow cases and table of content.